Family Movies

Many families sit together for a weekly family movie night. It is a great time to relax, watch a great movie and maybe have some popcorn. Well-chosen movies provide enjoyment, insight and criteria. They also act as powerful role models for our children. Good parents try to ensure that their family values are underlined and not undermined by what they are viewing. It becomes increasingly difficult as kids get older to find good movies that provide wholesome entertainment without offending our family values.

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The Importance of Reading

We can always know more and better. As human beings we are open to the infinite, although we cannot contain it all. Reading can be much more than a pleasant pastime. It can be a preparation for life. Good books challenge, thrill, excite and awaken us to the potential drama of life, especially to the drama of a life lived for the highest ideals. Through them we meet people of different types and we become better judges of character. Like true friends, good books encourage us to be our best selves.

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