Parenting & Marriage Courses


  • To stimulate and encourage parents with a variety of practical suggestions, ideas and possibilities for the development of their children.
  • To help parents to:
    • Better distinguish facts from opinions, promote objective thinking in family life.
    • Differentiate between important issues and secondary issues.
    • Make informed decisions.
    • Think in terms of the long-term outcome of their parenting.
  • To meet and form friendships with other couples who are committed to improving family life.


It is not only the parents’ duty to educate their children, it is also their right and it should be their greatest joy and passion.

These Family Enrichment courses encourage parents to educate the whole person, nurturing the psychological, developmental, intellectual and cultural aspects of each child.

Early childhood education is a key factor in the development of the character of the future adult.


The modules were developed by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) using Harvard’s case study method, an interactive technique for analyzing real life family situations in a practical and positive way.

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A trailer about the Case Study Method prepared by Family Enrichment Ireland

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Course Feedback

Parents need to concern themselves more with what kind of children they’ll leave the world than the kind of world they’ll leave their children…
~ Rafael Pich, Founder of Family Enrichment