Married Love Course

In Person!!!  In Progress in Vancouver February 4 – June 3, 2023

Married Love Course: 6 General Sessions + 4 Small Group Discussions

Marriage is one of life’s greatest gifts and experiences – but a great marriage doesn’t come without hard work!  Are you and your spouse looking for new ways to learn and grow together?

For Couples – Engaged, newlywed or many years under their belt!  No prerequisites for this course.

To provide couples with practical knowledge and skills for living an enriched married life, which has a positive impact on their family life. The course is designed for both husband and wife to attend together and participate in each session.

Married Love is a course developed by professionals at IFFD (International Federation for Family Development, that uses the Harvard case study method to explore issues facing couples and their families. It is meant to give confidence and practical assistance to couples, helping them to continue growing in love for each other, and then with this renewed love, to go forward in enriching their daily family life. In a friendly atmosphere, participating couples acquire skills from this program that enable them to deal with situations that come up in their own married life. It also provides them with means to improve as persons, as spouses and as parents and to increase the quality of their married love and family life.

Cost: $250 per couple.  Course material and light refreshments included

General Session Venue: Bonsor Recreation Complex6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby

Time: Saturday Evenings 7:00 – 9:00pm PT

This course is comprised of the following 6 general sessions:

  1. February 4, 2023 – Love Bond *
  2. March 4 – Work and Family
  3. April 1 – Communication
  4. April 15 – Sexuality *
  5. May 6 – Money Matters
  6. June 3 – A Vibrant Family Life

In addition, 4 Small Group meetings will take place about 1 week prior to each General Session. Dates will be determined by each Small Group independently. Small Group meetings are 1 hour or less and take place in a home.

* These 2 general sessions have no small group meeting

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Harvard video on “Inside the Case Method”:

Overall the program helped me understand married love better in practical terms.
~ Wife, Course Participant