Pre-Adolescence Course

Pre-Adolescence Course: 6 General Sessions + 5 Small Group Discussions

For parents of children aged 10-14 (or soon to be).

This course will provide parents with practical knowledge and skills for enjoying this stage of parenting while raising a happy family. The course is designed for both husband and wife to attend together and participate in each session.

The pre-adolescence developmental stage is a crucial moment for kids and parents. The kids are in a gap between childhood and adulthood. They are still kids but longing to be grown-up and have freedom. Parents are dealing with the emotions and physical changes in their children that come with puberty. They have a wonderful opportunity to develop and keep a close relationship with their kids that will last through their teen years.

Pre-Adolescence is a course developed by professionals at the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), and it uses the Harvard case study method to explore parenting issues. This course is meant to give confidence and practical assistance to parents, who are the first educators of their children.

The course fee includes course materials refreshments & free parking.

This course is comprised of the following sessions:

  1. Introduction/Puberty
  2. Authority & Autonomy*
  3. Sexuality*
  4. Leisure Time*
  5. Values*
  6. Communication in Marriage*

Small Group Discussion Dates:

* These case studies have an additional meeting to take place prior to this session date. These are small group discussions where you will study a case. Meetings are held in private homes prior to the General Sessions with the exception of the first general session. Dates will be determined by hosting team lead couples and you will be notified of the dates after the first General Session.

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Course Feedback

We liked the experience that the speakers brought to the talk. We also liked the positive tone with which issues were handled which in turn gave us hope in our parenting journey.
~ Course Participant