About PIFE

PIFE (The Pacific Institute of Family Education) was founded to help parents to fulfill their wonderful role as educators of their children.

Throughout the nineties a group of parents met regularly in Vancouver and Richmond, British Columbia, for informal discussions on parenting and family life. As these discussion groups expanded to other cities in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley, we saw the need for an organized, professional resource and support centre for families.

We believe the task of educating children is the parents’ most important business and we endeavour to provide the tools to take it on with professionalism and finesse.

We run Family Enrichment courses and occasional talksĀ on parenting, family life and school life. In this website, we cover topics of concern and interest to the family and to educators.

We recognize that upbringing of children and the building of a happy, strong family present challenges that are both old and new. We believe in bringing parents together in innovative ways so that we can all share the success of others, learn from their experience and continually renew the larger vision of what we are accomplishing.

We view parents and family at the centre of the educational process. Because much of the education of our children takes place in school, we believe parents should be involved in their children’s school life to ensure it is an extension of family life.

We see our task as a key service to society: forming parents with a vision, and with the intellectual and moral tools to be better spouses and parents, means ensuring a happier future for their children, the families they will form and the society they will build.

PIFE was incorporated in 2004 and is a Registered Charity (Federal Registration Number: 868642802RR0001) based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.