Adolescence Course

Course Completed in Vancouver via Zoom in June 2022!

Adolescence Course: 6 General Sessions + 5 Small Group Discussions

For parents of children 14-17 yrs (or soon to be).

In this course, parents discover the value of their adolescent children and discover how to efficiently communicate in moments of crisis. In addition, they will analyze the social tendencies that impact the development of their adolescent’s fragile personality.

The topics in this course will be discussed using the case-study method (pioneered by the Harvard Business School). This will provide you and your spouse with a practical and objective framework with which to approach a variety of situations you may encounter in family life.

There are 6 General sessions and 5 Small Group study meetings. Each General Session will have a trained moderator, who has a focus in that particular topic of parenting.

Join us for a fabulous course and an opportunity to network with other parents!

  1. Celebrating Uniqueness: Temperaments (this session is 2 hours, 2:30-4:30pm)
  2. Teenagers & Responsibility*
  3. Knowing Your Teenager*
  4. Time to Flourish: Use of Free Time*
  5. Educating for Love*
  6. Making Marriage Stronger*

Small Group Discussion Dates:

* The Small Group study meetings are held about 1 week prior to the General Sessions, with the exception of the first general session. Dates will be determined by hosting team lead couples who will organize the dates/times after the first General Session. The small group meetings may be in person, if the pandemic protocols allow.

Cost: $150 per couple
Course material included

Note: There are no prerequisites for this course.

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Course Feedback

Appreciated the excellent content, the fellowship.
~ Course Participant