An IFFD course for parents of children aged 8-10 (or soon to be)!

This is an IFFD (International Federation for Family Development) parenting course designed to provide parents of children aged 8-10 years with practical knowledge and skills for enjoying this stage of parenting while raising a happy family.

In the years between 8 and 10, children generally feel comfortable in the environment in which they are immersed. They find themselves making a great number of personal decisions in many daily situations. To be able to choose, children need to have a set of values to use as a reference.

In this course, parents analyze the importance of living according to a set of values, and learn how to transmit and help their children acquire these values.

The topics will be discussed using the case-study method (pioneered by the Harvard Business School). This will provide you and your spouse with a practical and objective framework with which to approach a variety of situations you may encounter in this stage of parenting.


The course consists of 6 General Sessions and 5 Small Group Meetings.

1) The General Sessions are led by trained moderators who will guide you through these case studies:

  • Jan 12 – The Great Adventure: Mutual understanding in marriage
  • Feb 23 – Family Life: Balancing family & work*
  • Oct 4 – Love & Life: Reflections on educating for love*
  • Nov 1 – Time to Flourish: Free time*
  • Nov 29 – Great Kids Don’t Just Happen: Parental authority*
  • Jan 10, 2021 – Celebrating Uniqueness: Getting to know your child*

2) There are also Small Group Meetings (5 sessions):

* These case studies are accompanied by additional meetings. The Small Group meetings take place about a week prior to the General Sessions (excluding the first session). At the Small Group meetings you will study, discuss and prepare for the upcoming case. Meetings will take place at various locations depending on where registrants reside. The small group meetings (1 hour max) will take place in couples homes on a mutually agreed dates between each general session. A team lead couple will contact you either during the first General Session or within a few days following the first General Session.


This course uses the case study method with the following steps for each case:

1. Individually each spouse reads the case study.
2. Spouses discuss the case study together.
3. Couples meet in a small group teams to discuss the case study.
4. All course participants meet in moderated general sessions to discuss the case study.

For each step of the process the focus is on the the following:

  • The FACTS of the case: Who? What? Where? When?
  • The PROBLEM in the case: Why?
  • The SOLUTIONS to the case: How?


For questions or to PAY BY CHEQUE, please contact:

Ulrika Drevniok
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