Compass - A Handbook on Parent Leadership – James Stenson

Compass – A Handbook on Parent Leadership

Compass summarizes the lessons and experiences of parents to help them succeed as leaders for their children. The author relates thirty years of experience with parents who have lived as great leaders in family life and have succeeded with their sacred mission: to raise their children right. How they did it and why they did it are the focus of this book: forming character, countering the consumer culture, understanding discipline and dealing with the influence of mass media. In Compass, he shares his insights about leadership in family life and how this parental guidance is vitally important.

James B. Stenson, the keynote speaker at PIFE’s Parent Leadership conference in February 2007, has written a number of books for parents.  

James B. Stenson
Scepter, 2003. ISBN: 1-59417-000-2


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