James B. Stenson, the keynote speaker at PIFE’s Parent Leadership conference in February 2007, has written a number of books for parents. Following is a selection.

Compass coverCompass – A Handbook on Parent Leadership
Scepter, 2003. ISBN: 1-59417-000-2
Compass summarizes the lessons and experiences of parents to help them succeed as leaders for their children. The author relates thirty years of experience with parents who have lived as great leaders in family life and have succeeded with their sacred mission: to raise their children right. How they did it and why they did it are the focus of this book: forming character, countering the consumer culture, understanding discipline and dealing with the influence of mass media. In Compass, he shares his insights about leadership in family life and how this parental guidance is vitally important. [Buy from amazon.ca]

Father, the Family Protector - coverFather, The Family Protector
Scepter, 2004. ISBN: 1594170339
Jim Stenson explores how Fathers exercise their powerful and particularly masculine contribution to family life. He explains the main obstacles in today’s society that undercut a Father’s teaching role, and tells men what they could do to overcome them. Within this framework, he spells out how successful Fathers deal with their children in the more crucial areas: family rules, discipline, schooling, sports, recreation, the media, and ongoing teamwork with one’s wife. In short, this book provides the guidance that will help any Father to carry out a serious responsibility – that of protector of his family.  [Buy from amazon.ca]

Preparing for Peer Pressure - coverPreparing for Peer Pressure – A Guide for Parents of Young Children
Scepter, 2001. ISBN: 1889334367
Educator James Stenson provides a solid framework for instilling sound values in your children well before they reach age twelve. He shows you how to avoid common mistakes parents make that result in their children’s malformation, explains how to detect signs of weakness of character in your children, and helps you develop strategies for forming your children’s character while respecting their freedom. [Buy from amazon.ca]

Preparing for Adolescence - cover
Preparing for Adolescence – A Planning Guide for Parents
Scepter, 2001. ISBN: 1889334359
Why don’t you trust me? Why do you tell me what I can’t wear? Why do you always correct my manners? If you’re hearing those kinds of questions from your children — or if you know that you’re going to — you will find this guide informative. It explains how you can keep your children’s adolescence from being dominated by rebellion and conflict, and how to give your children clear moral direction. Includes a question-and-answer section to help you plan for troubles before they arise. [Buy from amazon.ca]

Successful Fathers - coverSuccessful Fathers: The Subtle but Powerful Ways Fathers Mold Their Children’s Characters
Scepter, 2001. ISBN: 1889334375
A treasure trove of gems for all fathers to become better at parenting, to learn the importance of their role in the home and in the formation of their children’s lives. It takes hard work to become a good father, and one of the most formidable obstacles confronting fathers is the difficulty of finding good guidance on fatherhood. This booklet gives men much-needed directions on problems fathers face, and reveals twelve commandments of successful fathers: how good fathers raise their children well. Veteran educator James Stenson shows how to defuse adolescent boys’ defiance and how to form positive father-daughter relationships. [Buy from amazon.ca]

Upbringing coverUpbringing: A Discussion Handbook for Parents of Young Children
Scepter, 1992. ISBN: 0933932529
Jim Stenson says that there’s no magic formula that will turn you into a good parent, but that you can learn from other parents – and avoid many pitfalls by planning ahead for parental challenges that are sure to come. He provides a framework for discussing important issues about childrearing with other parents, plus a thought-provoking set of questions and observations for individual reading. Using this book, you’ll be able to develop effective strategies to help your children become the kind of adults you would like them to be. [Buy from amazon.ca]