Dear friends,

In June, we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Family Development Canada! We have been offering high quality parenting, marriage and personal development courses to Canadians since 1981.

At our Annual General Meeting, it was decided to that we would change our name to IFFD Canada, since this provides clarity about who we are and what we offer. As an educational charity, we are grateful to all of our incredible volunteers who take care of running Family Enrichment Centres across Canada in most major cities!

This year, we are still affected by COVID, so our National Board decided to offer a variety of online courses, open to participants across Canada. We have so many great courses, that people can choose what they want, no matter what city is organizing the course. We hope to have small groups in LOTS of Canadian cities!

Here’s a list of courses that will be offered in 2021-2022. Take note that some courses are starting this fall & registration is open, while others are starting in January 2022.

If you are interested in participating in one of our parenting / marriage / personal development courses this year, please complete the Google Form here: Organizers will contact you with more specific details about the course. Most courses will be offered online via Zoom.

We look forward to a great year! We know that COVID has been hard on everyone…couples, parents, children, teens and young professionals! Taking a Family Enrichment course will give us the opportunity to talk about important topics and make realistic and practical goals that will improve our lives and make them happier. Don’t miss this opportunity!!!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Take care of you and yours!

Gillian L. Roussy